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i like i hope i am

a devised piece made in collaboration with Olympias Music Foundation's Voice of Hope choir

i like i hope i am is a piece we made in collaboration with the women of the Voices of Hope choir, under the direction of their choir leader, Anna Mcluckie. We worked with the women to create a story arc using their original poetry, set to music, and spent a delightful afternoon painting together to create the suspended sculptural set for the show. We performed the piece at 422 Longsight Community Hub in December 2021.

The choir is one of Oympias Music Foundation's many musical projects in Manchester. OMF is an award-winning music charity, working to champion diversity in music – from instrumental lessons for children on free-school meals, to community choirs for diverse women and school children. They believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to participate in music.

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