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why we make theatre

we want to make exciting, engaging and relevant work.

to create multi-sensory performance experiences, that blur the genre boundaries between theatre, music and visual art.

to explore untold stories from unfamiliar viewpoints.

to bend the fragile line between reality and the imagination.

to make work that is authentic, relatable, human and resonant.

to make art that is inclusive and accessible.

we want to make this work in a way that makes our collaborators and our audience feel cared for.

in a way that has the least harmful impact on our planet.


we want to balance our community-focused and performance projects.


we want to make work that people want to see.

we reject hierarchical structures and value the inclusion of many voices in the work we make.

we want to hear from you if you think we could do a better job.

we want to make you feel something.

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