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the secret elevator

an episodic series of digital shorts blending poetry, music and drawings.

The Secret Elevator is a new digital project from Ulita, blending poetry, music and visuals to tell the episodic adventures of a rogue elevator, who kidnaps its unwitting occupants, and takes them on unwanted adventures. Episode 1 was commissioned by Lancaster Jazz Festival, and premiered in 2021. It follows Nathan and Kate as their afternoon in a ‘very tall building full of important people’ is interrupted by an impromptu journey deep underground, to meet subterraneous crustaceans, and encounter the mythical river Lethe. 

“Before them unfolds an unusual vista.

Sparkling like jewels

little pools of liquid –like gems that Kate’s sister

had set in her custom-made diamond bedecked wedding ring,

the luminous leakage from some subterraneous spring–

are dotted as far as the glow from the lift 

enlightens the tunnels that branch like fallopian tubes. 

Like a lustrous gift.”

Stay tuned for Episode 2!

"Smith, Shaw and Harris are addressing important topics such as the creative imagination, sexuality, the unknown, and womanhood within a 9-minute, visual and musical storyworld. The depth of the piece, in both abstract artistic terms and through emotional engagement, is compelling."

Written Records

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